Hello there.


We're Gareth and Chantelle.  We're a married couple from the UK.  This blog was written originally to document our travels on a world trip.  That has now sadly concluded, so this blog will serve instead as a periodic journal of our other travels.   

Gareth lived in Germany as a child, and is now trying to learn German. Consequently we have managed to choose specifically non-German speaking countries for our travels. As a side project, he documented the big trip via the medium of beer.

Chan is a self-confessed travel geek, and when not travelling or booking our next trip(s), is generally to be found with her nose in travel periodical, learning about trends in baggage handling.

Prior to thinking up this trip, and having previously travelled extensively in Europe and the USA,  we spent a year exploring the UK at weekends, as we realised there was a great deal we hadn't seen on our doorstep.

Chan first had the idea to go to either Chile or Vietnam.  Then we decided maybe we could do both. We then realised there was rather a lot of the rest of the globe between the two that we hadn't yet seen.  It was then clear that fitting in holidays around work wasn't going to cut it - so work had to go.

We didn't really have a travel agenda as such, only a patchwork of ideas from travel articles and other people's experiences.  We also rather attention-seekingly wanted to generate some of that noise ourselves and so started looking at more obscure destinations like Bhutanthe Pantanal or Easter Island.  It's from this last that we got the blog title from, by the way.  Most people are aware of Easter Island from it's enigmatic Moai statues, but not many get to go and take a peek.  So that's our motivation: having had our interest piqued by something( "I don't know what they're called, those big fat head things."), and going out to see it and learn something.

This blog is done in a informal, conversational style - with occasional profanity depending on whether it's Gareth writing or not.  The motivation is that of a journal for ourselves and a familiar-sounding commentary for our friends and family back home.  Anyone else who happens across it is more than welcome, of course.

In terms of the choice of activity, transport and accommodation: we're travelling with a budget but not on a budget. We try to get the best deal for the experience we want, but our student days are behind us and we're not on a shoestring. So a centrally-located boutique hotel rather than a fringe hostel; Business-class intercontinental flights rather than economy;  and we've managed to visit a couple of the best restaurants in the world when we were in the area.   We try to prioritise our time at the destination, rather than taking cheaper travel for longer journeys- so flights over buses and pre-booked accommodation over ad-hoc hotel searching.   We also prefer to travel under our own steam, and so have tried to hire cars and explore when we can.

We have tried to to be ethical tourists, particularly looking out to avoid animal exploitation.

We know we are advantaged to have the means and opportunity to travel like this, so -in order to maintain good karma- have donated 5% of our travel budget to various causes close to our hearts.

Thank you for dropping by.